Talk like a South African

Speak “South African” – A selection of typical South Africanisms:

Howzit Hello (derived from “How is it going?” but now more of a greeting)
Mzansi South Africa
Robot Traffic light
Dorpie Small town
Lekker Nice, good, great
Bokkie Popular term of endearment (like “honey”, “darling”)
Braai Barbecue
Boerewors Farmer sausage
Millie Maize
Pap Traditional maize porridge
Saamie Sandwich
Dom Pedro Drink made by mixing ice cream with Whisky
Dop Alcohol (or to drink alcohol)
Shebeen Bar in the Township
Babelaas Hangover
Bergie Vagrant or homeless person
Tekkies Sneakers
Just now Sometime in the near future (or past)
Now now Immediately
Baby Care, Baby Skincare, Diapers and Wipes, Feeding Supplies, Safety and Health, kids clothing, kids transportation, kids bedding